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“As an Administrative Assistant who later became a Virtual Assistant, I struggled to fulfill my life's purpose. For many years, I considered turning my passion for supporting other women into a career. After all, in previous roles, I spent a significant amount of time and effort guiding others and holding them accountable to their goals while in the corporate world.

My personal transformational journey began in my early twenties. I struggled with feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt, which ultimately held me back from achieving my goals and living my best life. I was so determined to overcome these obstacles. I dedicated myself to personal development, self-improvement, and deepening my connection with the Lord. I studied various techniques and worked through therapy to help understand and overcome my own limiting beliefs. Through my transformation, I learned the power of positive self-talk, setting healthy boundaries, and the importance of self-care in order to achieve success and happiness. I also discovered the importance of community and support.

So, what was it that was holding me back from pursuing my life’s purpose? Self-doubt. Years of hard work had gone down the drain in an instant. All my negative thoughts begin to flood my existence. I stayed within my comfort zone. Until my spirit refused to let me rest in that conviction any longer. I eventually persevered and developed a system that essentially retrained my negative thinking when it came to pursuing my life's purpose of assisting other women. I made the commitment to meet the requirements of becoming certified in life transformation and founded The Eventful Impact, incorporating Trisha Rose Co as a key component of its mission.

Our goal at The Eventful Impact is to assist women in feeling secure and fulfilled in their personal lives, guided by our faith-inspired mission. I know firsthand how challenging it can be to navigate life's ups and downs. Balancing personal responsibilities and self-care often feels like an uphill battle. I understand the struggle of staying motivated and focused when faced with numerous demands. Our dedication to continuous growth and consistent support ensures that every client receives the personalized attention and guidance they deserve.”